Meet Joe




A Little About Joe

My name is Joe Dellaero & I launched WireHead Technology Solutions in 2008 to serve one specific niche: The Small-Office client.

I’ve been involved with professional IT in many capacities since 1993 (Corporate, Commercial, Educational, Medical, Residential, Training & as an IT Business Owner).

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My Philosophy: KEEP IT (I.T.) SIMPLE (after years of complicating things)

Over the years, I’ve tried & tested a lot of different “stuff” with WireHead.

When first launching WireHead Technology Solutions in 2008, I offered as many IT services as possible.

My logic was to provide a complete set of IT options for clients to choose from.

I also promised to: “Cater to the technology needs of our specific niche, the small-office, while delivering the highest level of personalized attention.” This was (& still is) the WireHead mission statement.

Armed with this philosophy, I thought this was the best approach to gaining new business.

I would be a highly personalized, “one stop shop” for everything small-office IT.

I was certain that clients would beat a path to my door.

However, my path was pretty unbeaten.

I soon realized that rather than making things easy for myself & for my clients, I was only complicating things.


So, upon some careful introspection, here’s what I discovered:

  • By offering every IT service possible I looked just like all the other IT shops or consultants out there.
  • I can’t do it all & be good at it all. (You know that whole “personalized attention” thing).
  • Clients get overwhelmed & opt for nothing rather than go for everything.
  • Clients could care less about how much “stuff” you can do. All they care about is if you can solve their problem.

Realizing that some major changes were needed, I went back to the drawing board & completely re-designed WireHead.

I simplified!


The Result:

After some retooling, I realigned WireHead into a highly focused technology consulting service dedicated to providing two main services specifically for small-office clients.

These services are: 

  • New Office technology integration, consulting & management (You are opening a new small-office & need consultation on choosing the right software & hardware & integration of those components).
  • Existing Office technology remediation, consulting & management (You need consultation because you are updating or replacing office technology in an existing small-office).


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