Client Examples

Here's an example scenario of how WireHead can help a NEW small-office
tackle the office technology challenges of starting a new business.

Client Profile:

Screaming Eagle Accounting is a brand new business.

They will have 2 owners & 8 employees.

Without knowing anything about office technology, Screaming Eagle has already assumed that they will need:

  • PC's for the employees
  • Internet access
  • A phone system
  • An office copier
  • A fax machines

Office Space:

Screaming Eagle is currently shopping for office space to house the 2 owners & 8 employees.

They know that they would like to have:

  • A reception area staffed with one employee
  • A copy room area
  • One dedicated office for the owners to share
  • An open community area for the staff
  • Wifi for their users (and possibly for clients to use)

They have an office space in mind based on the requirements above, but don't know if it's adequate for their office technology needs.


1] Contact & Initial Online Consult

Screaming Eagle Accounting contacts WireHead (via Web-Chat, Email or Phone):

  • WireHead discusses their business goals, needs, & project requirements.
  • WireHead will ask client to fill out the Small-Office Technology Profile Form (found on Get Started page)
  • If WireHead & new client are a fit for each other, then an ONSITE WALKTHROUGH is set at the new office space.

NOTE: Whenever possible, WireHead asks client to provide a dedicated point of contact for the project.

2] Onsite Audit/Walkthrough

Using the information gathered from the online consult AND the Small-Office Technology Profile Form, WireHead will:

  • Perform a walkthrough of the office space in order to visualize the floorplan.
  • Address client existing needs/wants list to ensure it can be met within the selected office space.
  • Address other considerations such as server/phone closet space, adequate power for equipment & staff, wiring for phones & data, power protection, etc..
  • Cover other office tech requirements such as office copier, fax, phone system, etc.. Locations & logistics for these items would also be discussed.
  • Briefly review hardware & software needs IE: PC's, server or NAS, networking equipment, software, proprietary software, etc..
  • Discuss ETA's for project timeline, move in dates, go live date, etc..
  • Cover any special needs of the client.

3] Proposal

After onsite audit is completed, WireHead will:

  • Compile all information gathered from initial online (or phone) consult, Small-Office Technology Profile Form & walkthrough.
  • Prepare a formal proposal, project plan & scope of work.
  • Meet with client for review, acceptance or proposal modification.

4] Project Start

After proposal is accepted:

  • WireHead will take downpayment (outlined in proposal) & begin the project.
  • All scheduling is laid out, sub-contractors are acquired (if needed) & parts are ordered.
  • Point of contact will receive updates & milestones as the project progress until completion

4] Proof of Completion & Project Close

After project is completed:

  • WireHead will walk client through Proof of Completion document (outline in proposal) to ensure all phases of proposal & scope of work were completed.
  • Clients signs off & final invoice is generated.
  • Final payment is made by client.
  • All systems go live.

5] Post Project

After go live:

  • WireHead will make provisions for day to day tech support.
  • WireHead will offer client quarterly system & preventative maintenance via our WHPM program.