Data Destruction

WireHead Data Destruction is a special serivce designed to permanently decommission old hard drives to ensure that the data on them cannot be recovered.


Ready to get rid of that old computer?

Hold on! What about all of your data?

You know, stuff like your private photos or tax returns or sensitive financial documents.

It’s all on there!

And did you know that even if you delete it first (which most people don’t even do) the data is still easily recoverable.

So whoever winds up with that computer will also have access to all of your private files!


WireHead Data Destruction can prevent that from happening.

Our affordable drive destruction service will permanently destroy the hard drive so you can safely donate, sell, or scrap an old PC or laptop.

We will come to your location (residential or commercial) & provide this service onsite. Then give you the decommissioned drive to dispose of.

The service only takes a minute & will permanently destroy the drive so no data is recoverable.

The cost is only $25.00 for the first drive & $10.00 for each additional drive. Your 10th drive is FREE!

If you would like to schedule an appointment or have any questions, please contact us here.


Frequently Asked Questions about this service:

What exactly is a HARD DRIVE?

The hard drive is a small device (see photo below) measuring no more than 6″ x 4″ in a desktop PC & even smaller in a laptop.

It lives inside of your computer & has a VERY IMPORTANT job to do.

Think of the hard drive as the “file cabinet” for your computer.

It’s responsible for storing all of the programs like Windows or Mac OS, Microsoft Office, Chrome, etc..

But, MORE IMPORTANTLY, it stores all of your personal data like Photos, Videos, Music, Documents, etc…









What happens to my data when I sell, donate or throw away my old computer?

Unfortunately, all of the data that is on the hard drive now will still be there sitting on your hard drive after you get rid of it.

For ANYONE to access!

And guess what – even if you delete the data first – it can still be easily recovered.

This includes ALL of your private photos, videos, web browser history, sensitive documents, tax returns, bank statements, business information, medical data, etc…EVERYTHING!


What can I do to prevent my data from EVER being retrieved, accessed or viewed?

To ensure that the data cannot be recovered from an old hard drive, drive destruction is normally suggested.

However, this service can be expensive & is not available in all areas.

WireHead Data Destruction answers this call with an affordable & convenient drive destruction service.

We will come to your business or residence & destroy your hard drive right in front of you. Then give you the remains to safely discard.

The process only takes a minute & 100% drive destruction is guaranteed.


What method do you use to destroy hard drives?

We use a proprietary hard drive crusher that plunges a large steel pin into the drive causing the drive to fold in half & bend the platters.

It’s important to understand the the platters are where the data gets stored on the hard drive.

Once these platters bend (even slightly) they are rendered unusable & unreadable.

So manually destroying the drive ensures that the drive can never be used again.

See examples below.








What is the cost for this service? 

The cost is only $25.00 for a single hard drive.

Each additional drive is $10.00. Your tenth drive is FREE.

For example, if you had 3 hard drives to decommission the cost would be $45.00
($25.00 for the first drive & $10.00 for each additional drive).

Discounts given on quantities over 10.


What are the payment options?

This service is CASH ONLY (no checks or credit cards).

Payment is remitted once WireHead is onsite & before the service is rendered.


What locations do you service?

We are currently servicing Melbourne/Palm Bay area ONLY for SINGLE hard drives (business or residential).

However, if you have multiple hard drives to destroy (either within the Melbourne/Palm bay area or outside), then please contact us to discuss your needs.


How can I schedule an appointment?

Please use visit the CONTACT US page to set an appointment or to ask any other questions.

If your contacting us to set an appointment, please make sure to provide the following information:

Your name / Address  / Call back number (text or voice)  / How many drives to destroy.

NOTE: If using the CONTACT US form to schedule an appointment, please leave your
address, phone number & drive count in the “Comment or Message” section of the form.


How should I prepare for my appointment? What is the process like?

The process of hard drive destruction may sound scary, but it’s quite simple & straightforward.

We ask that the have drive (or hard drives) be removed from the computer(s) before we arrive onsite.

Once we arrive, we will have you sign a short release form authorizing us to destroy your hard drive & data.

Also, please have the correct payment IN CASH as the payment will have to be remitted BEFORE service begins.

As a reminder, $25.00 is the cost for a SINGLE hard drive. Please add $10.00 for each additional drive.

The procedure is conducted outdoors (at our vehicle) so no one will need to enter your home or business to carry out the service.

Once the drive is destroyed, we will give it back to you for disposal or we can dispose for you.

The whole process is very simple & straight forward & should only take up a few minutes of your day.


Can you destroy any other devices with this procedure?

We can destroy any laptop, desktop or server hard drives.

Also, RDX cartridges, portable hard drives, backup tapes, tablets & cell phones can be crushed as well.