The New WireHead Technology Solutions Website Is Online!

Announcing the NEW WireHead Technology Solutions Website!

The New WireHead Technology Solutions Website Is Online!
Since Wirehead Technology Solutions started back in August of 2008, we’ve been seriously lacking in one department..Web Presence.

Now, I would like to tell you that we’ve been so busy working that there was no time to create anything but the most basic website, set it in place, & get back to work.

The unfortunate truth is, it was such a pain in the neck to maintain the old site, that outside of a minor change here & there, the website stayed pretty much set in stone for the last 4 years.

So, for our 4 year anniversary (August 2012), we decided to kick ourselves in the butt, revamp the old site (dump it & start over is more like it) & put together something with a little more pizazz & function.

 Check out some of the cool, new features on the WireHead Technology Solutions website.
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  • Information about WireHead Technology Solution (who we are, what we do, that kind of stuff).
  • An upcoming mobile experience.
  • A much more interactive site structure. We now have added all kinds of ways to interact with the site through social media (connect with us on Google Plus).
  • A Testimonials section where existing clients can share the experiences that they’ve had with Wirehead Technology Solutions.


Some future ideas for the WireHead Technology Solutions website. Tell us what you think![box type=”download” style=”rounded” border=”full” icon=”none”]

  • A Knowledge Base that can answer many of your common computer & business technology questions.
  • A HelpDesk that will allow you to request service & track your tickets.
  • An Information Station that will allow you to acquire “How To” guides on a variety of computer & technology related subjects.
  • Audio/Video section for our own podcasts & video.
  • A Resouce Area to share useful tools & sites


Our intention is to use the new site as more of a home-base to connect with our current, new & future Small-Office / Micro-Business clientele. We are also tying in our social media outlets into the site as well.

As far as social media, we are really trying to utilize Google+. If you are a Google+ user, we would love to connect with you & join circles!

Please contact us at any time & let us know your thoughts on the new site, your business or anything in between!

As always, WireHead is here for you & your business.

Best regards..Joe