About WireHead

Who is WireHead Technology Solutions?

Since 2008, WireHead Technology Solutions has offered professional IT services & consulting to one local (Southern Brevard, FL) market exclusively: The Small-Office Client.


What qualifies as a Small-Office?

WireHead distinguishes a Small-Office as: 

  • 1-15 computers (4-10 is IDEAL for us) (not including mobile devices, phones, etc..)
  • No full-time IT staff (employees)
  • A designated location where business activity is conducted (hence the “office” part)
  • Having a wired or wireless LAN (Local Area Network)
  • Having a dedicated file server or NAS (Network Attached Storage) (not always, but usually).



WireHead specializes in TWO technology services exclusive to small-office clients:

  • New Office technology integration, consulting & management (You are opening a new small-office & need consultation on choosing the right software & hardware & integration of those components).
  • Existing Office technology remediation, consulting & management (You need consultation because you are updating or replacing office technology in an existing small-office).


Why offer only two services?

When WireHead first launched in 2008, just like most other IT consultants & shops, we offered many IT services.

The logic behind this model was to capture as much of the market as possible by trying to fulfill every need that every client could want.

However, this model is very tough to maintain. Quite honestly, it’s also outdated thinking.

After some growing pains, WireHead received a reboot (pardon the pun) that allowed us to trim the fat & really niche down to some core principles.

Instead of focusing on what we “thought” clients wanted, we learned that what clients really care about is a consultant that can solve their office technology problems efficiently & effectively.

One who works WITH you while working FOR you.

We also carefully considered where our expertise would be most effective

It was decided that by offering technology solutions exclusively for New Office & Office Remediation projects that we could focus entirely on building (or rebuilding) the core of your technology infrastructure.

By doing so,  you are afforded a rock solid technology foundation which everything else is then built upon.


How to tell if WireHead is a good fit for your business:

  • You have a small-office located in Southern Brevard, FL.
  • WireHead specializes in 2 IT services. If you need one of these 2 services, then you’re in the right place:
    • A technology solution or consultation for your NEW small-office.
    • A technology remediation solution or consultation for your EXISTING small-office.
  • You need a small-office technology consultant that can provide an expert solution for your technology project.


If WireHead looks like the right choice for you:

If you would like to discuss your project immediately, then please feel free to
use the CHAT WIDGET located in the lower right corner on every page of this site.

You may also visit the GET STARTED section of this site.

Or, if you prefer, you may CALL (321-821-7470) or EMAIL with any questions.