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Why the Best Deal is Not Always the Best Idea

Wirehead Vs Competition

A true story & a must read for any business owner


The image on the left is an actual server closet from a local, professional office.

The image on the right is the server closet from one of our Small-Office clients.

The network on the left is currently managed by a competing IT consulting firm in the area.

WireHead was asked to come out to evaluate that network for an upcoming remediation project.

Now, it’s OK if you know nothing about server closets. That’s not important.

The very important take away is this:

That big pile of loosely stacked equipment, mismanaged wires & poorly placed plastics bags is the nucleus of the entire computer network for that business.

One wrong move in that (very small) room & email ceases to flow, websites no longer load & data no longer travels harmoniously from PC to PC.

Effectively, all digital communication in that entire office comes to a screeching halt & business is no longer conducted.

So why should you care?

Here’s why…

The firm that was hired to do the work that you see in the pic on the left gave the ownersThe Best Deal.”

The unfortunate reality for this business (& many other businesses that shop for the IT solutions based solely on the cheapest price or “The Best Deal”) is that they don’t realize that their savings upfront is only fleeting.

Look again at the image on the left. That is not a work in progress.

That is the finished job!

Sure, the provider got the job done & gave the customer a great deal, but ultimately the client will pay many times over in the end.


Through repeat service calls to troubleshoot the network, equipment repair or replacement, wiring issues, configuration remediation & the added expense of upkeep on an initially faulty system.

When you look at it that way it’s not such a great deal, is it?

You see, as with many things in life, you really do get what you pay for. Unfortunately, in situations like this, the business owner will keep on paying!

So the moral to the story is this:

When shopping for an IT solutions provider to manage your critical Small-Office network, office hardware & business equipment, please do yourself a favor (NOTE: This doesn’t just pertain to IT services. Apply this formula to any service provider or business that you hire to render a project or service for you)

ALWAYS, ALWAYS consider the reputation, knowledge & reliability of your IT consultant over “The Best Deal!

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